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Meet Our Dentists

We want to be your trusted Dental Advisor. With the advances in modern dentistry, we know that we can give better dental care than ever. Dental care is now so thorough, with patients’ support and participation, it is possible for the great majority to keep their teeth for a lifetime.

Total dental health is dependent on sound teeth and healthy supporting bone. There are over 200 diseases that can occur in the mouth and jaws, some of which can be life threatening. We are dedicated to helping you learn how to acquire the skills to prevent dental disease.

We believe…

  • Strongly in continuing education - in staying current with the latest dental science, research, development and techniques.
  • The least amount of dentistry is the best amount of dentistry.
  • That each person has a risk profile and that recommendations for prevention and treatment should be based on that profile.
  • That Oral Health is influenced by Systemic Health.
  • In preventive measures so that dentistry will not have to be done in the future.
  • In sealants for primary and adult teeth.
  • In fluoride treatments to prevent decay and future dental work.
  • In taking the necessary x-rays to detect decay when it is small so that the least amount of dentistry can be done as possible.
  • In checking for periodontal disease at each exam and recording periodontal probing depths yearly.
  • In performing soft tissue oral cancer exams at each recall visit.
  • That genetics plays a part in a persons risk of developing decay, periodontal disease and oral cancer.
  • Diet and nutritional habits play a part in a persons risk of developing decay and periodontal disease.
  • Oral hygiene plays a part in a persons risk of developing decay and periodontal disease.
  • That oral habits such as clenching and teeth grinding can destroy teeth and dental work faster than decay.
  • That the damage from destructive oral habits can and should be controlled.
  • That prevention can and should be tailored to each individual person because people have different diets, habits, genetics, systemic health issues and oral hygiene routines.
  • That treatment recommendations should take into account diagnosis, nutrition and “whole body” condition and be appropriate for that person at that stage in their life.
  • …We do not believe that everyone needs to “get their teeth cleaned” every 6 months.